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Rooted In NYC means being committed to creating a greener future in your neighborhood, your community, and your city. It’s a passion that comes from who you are and where you’re from. Because we’re all Rooted In NYC.

We helped MillionTreesNYC to plant their millionth tree in New York City this fall. Leading up to the celebration of this milestone achievement, we asked people to tell us their stories of why they’re Rooted In NYC.


Share your rooted content with us

A tribute to an amazing journey.

To help MillionTreesNYC reach its goal of planting and caring for one million trees in our city we met with many like-minded people and asked them to share their stories with us aboard the Mobile Forest truck. They told us all about what they’re doing to make a lasting difference, why they’re doing it, and what makes them Rooted In NYC.

Thanks to everyone who came out to help us reach a million and make our vision of a greener NYC a reality.

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